Saturday, December 15, 2012

Australian Women Writers: Romy Ash's Floundering

This review is part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012

Romy Ash's Floundering is a first novel. It's a relationship road story. Narrator Tom, and his older brother Jordy have been living with their grandmother. They are spirited away by their dysfunctional mother Loretta across the Nullabor to Western Australia.

The beach caravan park, where they camp up, is no place for things to go wrong in her last ditch attempt to get back into their lives. It's home to sundry misfits who present a frightening introduction to the darker sides of humanity.

Tom leaves childhood behind as the boys face some rude awakenings and loss of innocence. The arid, stark landscapes are a fitting backdrop to the harsh reality in which they find themselves.

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